Kevin Mcgowin outside The Peacock Lounge in San Francisco, July 2002, befor reading from 'The Benny Poda Years.' Photograph by Suzanne Sheridan.
McGowin outside The Peacock Lounge.
Photograph by Suzanne Sheridan.
A Ridiculous Accident

The Kevin McGowin Archive

Kevin McGowin, whose poetry, stories, and book reviews appeared in nearly every issue of Oyster Boy Review, died suddenly on Tuesday, January 18, 2005, in Birmingham, Alabama.

In 2001 and 2002, Kevin wrote and I published (online and in Oyster Boy Review) his three short novels, The Benny Poda Trilogy.

Over the last few years, Kevin served as Review Editor at Eclectica Magazine, and his novel, Flies in the Buttermilk, was published by Frontier Publishing. Links to more of his writing can be found at The Official Kevin McGowin Web Page.

A Friends Memorial was held in February 2005. For information, read Courtney Brooke's epitaph.

Soon, all of Kevin's writing will be made available on this site.

The staff of OBR offers its sincere condolences to Kevin's family and friends.

Damon Sauve, Publisher
Oyster Boy Review

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